Be still…

And know that I am God.
This has been crossing my mind and swelling upon my heart for about a month now. It seems to pop up everytime life gets a little discouraging or to hard to handle.  A few weeks ago God really laid this little verse on my heart…HEAVY!
I never really thought hard about this verse…I actually thought it was nothing special or life impacting, that is until it impacted MY life.
God wants me to be stil…be calm, quiet, patient, waiting on Him. And know…be confident, be sure, firm in thought. That He is God…that it (life) is HANDLED, that He is in control, He will take care of it…whatever IT may be!
So don’t worry be happy. And when times get too much for you to take…chill and just KNOW God is still and will FOREVER be God!

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